Product Overview

The Remedy Barbershop & Social Club is proud to provide the following products for sale in the shop.


JS Sloane

Keep hair neat all day with JS Sloane pomades and hair care products. Based in Long Island,New York; JS Sloane provides a modern day version of the classic grooming experience. These products provide all the desirable effects of the pomades and waxes of old, without any of the greasy heaviness, dryness, and being a chore to rinse out. JS Sloane hair products have a clean fresh scent, that provides a high strength hold that is soft to the touch. Plus these products look great on the bathroom counter, adding a bit of modern masculinity with a touch of vintage haberdashery.Achieve the look of the classic Hollywood icons with JS Sloane. Also check out their line of classic shaving products.



An award winning product line created by acclaimed hair stylist Tyson Kennedy in the kitchen of his Manhattan apartment. Fatboy products are high-performing products created by artists for artists. These products are versatile, expertly balanced, and easy to use. An all inclusive  hair care line that is suited for all hair textures. The name in itself is enough to make you want to purchase one (or all) of their products. The spray putty is one of our in house favorites.



Top-notch hair care products that style, cleanse, nourish, strengthen, and repair specifically for your hair type.


Wild Gold Beard Oils

Developed by Portland’s very own Rachel Wold; Wild Gold Beard Oils are made with only the finest natural and essential oil blends. Designed to be lightweight, and to keep your beard conditioned and shiny,without any of the greasiness that you don’t want. These oils promote healthy beard growth, repair damaged follicles, and improve softness. The oils come in a variety of intoxicating scents to fit your mood or lifestyle.